What’s happening?

As you can see from the other pages, we’ve got big plans for The Ledward Centre. To do all the things we want to is not only going to involve lots of people, but lots of time too.

Here’s where you can keep up-to-date through progress reports, articles relating to the project, and posts from guest bloggers.

  • The glass-fronted building on Jubilee Street, Brighton. The Ledward Centre building: A Volunteer’s perspective 22 December 2020 by Scott Davidson - [Average reading time: 4 minutes] As I stood inside the building looking out, I noticed most people walked straight past without even noticing us. Occasionally someone would look in, possibly because the door was open for a change. The empty shell that is to become The Ledward Centre currently looks fairly unremarkable, but it soon became clear to me that will most definitely change.
  • The ground-floor area designated for the cafe area. From concept to design: The Ledward Centre building 8 December 2020 by Duncan Lustig-Prean - [Average reading time: 4 minutes] The Ledward Centre has a fortuitous and lovely abbreviation, for TLC is what we are all about; caring for the LGBTQ+ community in Brighton and Hove and reaching those who are isolated within it.
  • A wordcloud. In order of prominence, the main words are events, club, community, people, night, music, etc. Your suggestions for Activities and Events in the Café at The Ledward Centre 26 November 2020 by Daren Kay with Chris Gull - [Average reading time: 4 minutes] In our community consultation survey, we asked what kind of events could be arranged in the café area. Here is a snapshot of your thoughts so far…
  • A wordcloud. The biggest word is community, followed by people, local, radio, station, events, news, information, sense, together, and more... Potential benefits of an LGBTQ+ Community Talk Radio Station 15 November 2020 by Chris Gull and Daren Kay - [Average reading time: 3 minutes] In our community consultation survey we asked what benefits our proposed community radio station could bring. Here are some of your thoughts…
  • Three surveys, 120 decibels, and two Zooms… 13 November 2020 by Duncan Lustig-Prean, Director - [Average reading time: 2 minutes] This has been an exciting week as we conducted a number of important surveys in preparation to take over the Jubilee Street site and conducted a Zoom briefing and consultation with our impressive volunteers.
  • Website beginnings 8 November 2020 by Daren Kay and Gus Campbell - [Average reading time: 7 minutes] They say, ‘It takes a village!’ We agree. A gay village! In this, our second blog post, two of those villagers (you could call them Village People!) chat about the creation of this website, how and why they became involved with the project and what they hope for the future of the centre.