What’s happening?

As you can see from the other pages, we’ve got big plans for The Ledward Centre. To do all the things we want to is not only going to involve lots of people, but lots of time too.

Here’s where you can keep up-to-date through progress reports, articles relating to the project, and posts from guest bloggers.

  • Website beginnings 8 November 2020 by Daren Kay and Gus Campbell - [Average reading time: 7 minutes] They say, ‘It takes a village!’ We agree. A gay village! In this, our second blog post, two of those villagers (you could call them Village People!) chat about the creation of this website, how and why they became involved with the project and what they hope for the future of the centre.
  • Chris Gull outside in the sunshine First post 7 November 2020 by Chris Gull - [Average reading time: 2 minutes] The first blog, on a new website, for a new project… I'd like to say that this is the culmination of years of work, but it's just the culmination of the first bit of the project, acquiring the lease.