‘News from Nowhere’

Presented by Socially Engaged Art Salon (SEAS)
Curated by Gil Mualem-Doron

A pile of day-glow orange lifejackets. The blue background is stencileed witht he words "open your arms to life" and a person of colour raises their arms and looks to the slogan.
Jean-Marc Joseph

“News from Nowhere” is a group exhibition for Refugee Week curated by award winning artist, Dr Gil Mualem-Doron and produced by the Socially Engaged Art Salon (SEAS). The “Nowhere” from which the exhibition’s “news” arrives is not William Morris’ utopian country but the dystopian places no one would like to find themselves in: from the Mediterranean’s abyss, to the Palestinian occupied territories, from countries still persecuting LGBTQ+ people to countries where xenophobia and racism are still tolerated

Contributing artists

Curated by Gil Mualem-Doron

Launch event

This exhibition launches on Sunday 13th June at 2pm in central Brighton. Find out more about the procession and other events at SEAS website.

Where to view the work

The exhibition can be viewed in the windows of The Ledward Centre – next to the Library on Jubilee Street, Brighton, BN1 1GE – from Sunday 13 June 2021 to Friday 30 July. There’s also a large installation at the Black and Ethnic Minority Community Partnership (BMECP).

SEAS Logo - A patchwork raised fist holds an art brush.
The Ledward Centre