How We are Funded

It’s important to us that we’re responsible and transparent about the funding we receive and how we use it, so here’s a breakdown of how we operate.

We are a registered Community Interest Company (CIC). The lease for 14A Jubilee Street extends to 2032 with rights to renewal and is held by the Rainbow Fund.

We have five* paid staff members – two centre managers, two café managers and a building manager. The directors of the CIC are not paid and donate their time to the project. Through a combination of venue hire and café revenue, we hope to be financially self-sustaining by 2027. As we’re not a profit generating business, any income we make above our operating costs will be put back into the centre for improvements or donated to the Rainbow Fund to be distributed amongst the organisations providing services to the LGBTQ+ community in Brighton and Hove.

We’ve had to do significant construction work to ensure we’re accessible and able to offer everything we want, so here’s a list of donations and grants we’ve received over £1,000, both so you know where our money has come from and as a public thank you from us to everyone who has helped us along the way:

  1. Brighton & Hove City Council Youth Fund – £1,500.00
  2. Bruce Wakefield Trust – £2,000.00
  3. Chalk Cliff Trust – £5,000.00
  4. The Clothworkers’ Foundation – £50,000.00
  5. HSBC – £10,000.00
  6. Screwfix Foundation – £10,000.00
  7. Veolia Foundation – £75,000.00

*As at February 2023