The Ledward Centre is a project initiated and facilitated by the Brighton Rainbow Fund – a Brighton and Hove based grant-giving fund for local LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS organisations.

Two unfinished bronze male figures in a workshop.
The Brighton AIDS Memorial TAY as a
– Romany Mark Bruce

Set up by James Ledward and Lib Dem Councillor Paul Elgood following the fundraising for the City’s ground-breaking AIDS Memorial and supported by the local LGBTQ+ bars and clubs, The Ledward Centre is just the latest in a long line of projects and groups to benefit from the Fund that James and Paul started.

Until  our own charity is registered with the Charity Commission, and then with HMRC to be able to claim gift aid on donations, your donation will go to a ring fenced fund (The TLC Fund) within The Brighton Rainbow Fund so that gift aid can be claimed on donations. Be assured that your donation will ALL be used to support the creation of The Ledward Centre.

Please give whatever you can

Please consider sharing this page on your social media and encouraging others to donate. We’d love for your friends to know more about us and share!

A photo collage showing the Ledward Centre entrance, some comfy chairs, a portrait of James Ledward, an attendant on Reception and a selection of pastries.