Make Your Mark

We're making our mark for our city's LGBTIQ+ communities. Will you? Make your mark on our beautiful flag wall for £20.

To help raise funds for the building work, we’re inviting you to make your mark by creating one of the tiles that will make up a huge Progress Pride flag on the main wall inside the entrance to the building. The completed 3×6 metre artwork will consist of 7,200 tiles – each one featuring the thumb-print and/or message or name of the donor.

To Make Your Mark simply donate a minimum of £20.00 by clicking the button and donating via our Crowdfunder page. We’ll be in touch to arrange a visit to the centre to create your tile.

Who will you Make Your Mark for?

You can make your mark as support for the centre, a specific part of the community or maybe to remember someone important to you, it’s entirely up to you. Each tile will have a grid reference and you’ll be invited to write more about story and who you are making your mark for in a book that will be displayed at the centre and shown here on our website. Together, our stories and comments will build an important record of our beautiful, diverse community.