Make Your Mark

Be part of the city’s LGBTQ+ future – Make your mark on our big, beautiful community wall

We're making our mark for our city's LGBTIQ+ communities. Will you? Make your mark on our beautiful flag wall for £20.

To help raise funds for the first stage of the building work for The Ledward Centre we’re offering you the chance to make your mark for the city’s LGBTQ+ future by creating one of the tiles that will make up a huge Progress Pride flag on the main wall inside the entrance to the building. The completed 3 x 6 metre artwork will consist of 7,200 tiles – each one featuring the thumbmark and message or name of the donor – and glazed in the colour stripe of their choice.

To ‘Make Your Mark’ simply donate a minimum of £20 by clicking on the button and donate via our Crowdfunder page”. We´ll then be in touch to arrange a visit to TLC to actually Make Your Mark and create your very own tile”

Who will you make your mark for?

You can make your mark to shout out your support for TLC, a specific part of the community, or maybe to remember someone who was important to you, it’s entirely up to you. Each tile will have a grid reference and you will be invited to write more about your own story, and what or who you are making your mark for, in a book that will be displayed at the Centre – and recreated here on our website. Together our stories and comments will build an important record of our large and diverse community.

Please help us make James Ledward’s dream of creating Brighton & Hove’s, and the South East’s first ever, LGBTQ+ centre come true – make your mark today.

Make Your Mark with a Progress Pride Flag
A fingerprint in red.

On the pavement in front of The Ledward Centre, a gentleman wearing a protective mask stands next to a large inflatable unicorn with a pink horn and a rainbow-coloured mane and tail.