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The Ledward Centre ~ LGBTQ+ Community and Cultural Centre
Rainbow-coloured logo with strapline

About our logo

The graphic – chosen by Chris Gull – might represent four people meeting at a table, or perhaps a missing piece of the jigsaw. It seems to suggest coming together, dialogue, and protected space.

The lettering was set by Gus Campbell in Gilbert, a free Colour SVG font created by NewFest and NYC Pride in partnership with Fontself to honour the memory of Gilbert Baker — creator of the Rainbow Flag. The letterforms seem informal and modern, while the use of colour represents diversity and, perhaps, intersectionality.

Using the logo

You are free to use our logo but please don’t distort it. The version with the strapline is intended for use at larger sizes. Applications at smaller sizes might best use a version without the additional text.

Use whichever variation that is most appropriate to your message and/or artwork. All logos on this page are high-quality lossless images (8-bit PNGs at 2160px wide).

For further variations or for vector artwork please email web@ledcen.org.uk with your requirements.

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The Ledward Centre
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The Ledward Centre: LGBTQ+ Community and Cultural Centre
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