Open for business (and pleasure)

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It’s been quite busy at The Ledward Centre this autumn. While we are still finalising the lease – the relaxation of the lockdown restrictions has meant that we have been able to host a few more events. So we thought we’d give you an update of what we’ve been up to.


The poster for the Queer Photography exhibition has a collage of 8 featured photos on the front.

Perhaps the most talked about event has been the latest exhibition by our gallery partner – The Socially Engaged Art Salon (SEAS)  Called QUEER PHOTOGRAPHY – A NON-DEFINITIVE SURVEY it is a large group exhibition of lens-based artists and photographers with works that include an examination of queer identities, documentation of pride and other LGBTQ+ events, exploration of “queer spaces”, participatory work with marginalised communities, narrative based projects and works that defy definitions.

A pretty girl with big blonde hair, massive lashes, and dramatic makeup.
Drag performer Pityuxka

Launched on October 29th as part of Brighton Digital Festival and (continuing until January 15th 2022) all works will be shown on digital screens and projected on the Centre’s windows at night until it is reinstalled downstairs at the end of November 2021.
Over 100 people attended the private view on Friday 29/10/2021, which was hosted by Dr Gil Mualem-Doron and drag performer @pityuxka welcoming guests on the door.

The exhibition is supported by Art Council England and Sussex Communities Trust and features works by Jenny Nash, Francesca Alaimo, Keith Race, Eva Marschan-Hayes, Simon Pepper, Ben Sharp

Collage of photographs from the named artists above (from left to right) headshot of subject with face obscured by Jenny Nash, reclining subject with open jacket by Francesca Alaimo, subject in dog mask by Keith Race, subject in blue mask sat on the edge of a rowing boat on dry land by Eva Marschan-Hayes subject in red skirt and jacket in dance move by Simon Pepper, subject in dungarees resting hands on another subject in dungarees by Ben Sharp. #art #queer #photography #lgbtqia #exhibition_opening #queer_events #lgbtqbrighton #ledwardcentre
Artists (from Left to right) Jenny Nash, Francesca Alaimo, Keith Race, Eva Marschan-Hayes Simon Pepper, Ben Sharp.

Gay Brighton Past

A man with glasses and a grey beard peeks out from between two large 
hanging art-cards.
Alf le Flohic with the rediscovered photos from Brighton’s first Pride march in 1973

Also downstairs currently are the incredible photos of Brighton’s first ever Pride march in 1973. Recently rediscovered in the Argus archive – they were never published at the time, so this is a fascinating insight into the past when a small group of activists marched from Western Road down to the seafront. The look of horror and bemusement on the faces of onlookers is worth a visit to the Centre itself. Thanks to Alf and Tina from Brighton Gay Past – – Argus Photographic Archive, Andy Garth from Brighton and Hove Stuff and Brighton Rainbow Fund.

WERK! (Shop)

A clean-shaven man with short dark hair sits on the promenade. He wears an open-necked shirt and suit jacket. Brighton Palace Pier is in the background.
Stuart Waters
– Photo by Rosie Powell 

But it’s not all been about photography. We were thrilled to be able to provide space for acclaimed dancer Stuart Waters to run a workshop with people living with HIV for a new performance that will be staged at the Centre in December.

Hi! Tea

And last, but certainly not least, we were also able to invite volunteers into the Centre for a getting-to-know-you session over tea and cake. And thanks to the generous donations from local businesses and benefactors – they all had something to sit on, too!

8 men and women sit in a circle around tables in the cafe space.

A few of our volunteers at the Saturday Pop-up party