Your suggestions for Activities and Events in the Café at The Ledward Centre

A wordcloud. In order of prominence, the main words are events, club, community, people, night, music, etc.

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In our community consultation survey (which is still open, so if you haven’t added your voice yet, please do so now at we asked what kind of events could be arranged in the café area. Here is a snapshot of your thoughts so far…

LGBTQ+ Space. But not as we know it…

To get the ball rolling, we made a few suggestions ourselves. You can see the results in this bar chart.

Bar graph. In order of popularity: 1) Shared interest groups (books, gardening, knitting etc.), talks, supper/lunch clubs, comedy club, other suggestions, piano bar night, cabaret night, folk night, and opera night.

But the most interesting responses to this question were the suggestions you gave us.

Let’s look at the answers in more detail.

A place to meet people like me

Echoing the bar chart above, most of the answers to the open question about café usage were around providing a space to meet up with other defined groups within the LGBTQ+ community. For example:

Some younger and older people exercise and dance in a large room.
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QTIPOC and/or trans non-binary meetups, meet ups for people with autism.

Meet ups for older, like really old, gay men. Exercise and dance for the over 60’s.

Family events that children can also attend.

Or groups built around a specific topic.

Make the space available for political groups, eg Extinction Rebellion

Bereavement café.

In fact, from the answers to our survey we feel confident that The Ledward Centre can offer something that is not currently available. Especially for the QTIPOC community, older people, families with young children and people with physical disabilities or mental health issues.

A place to do the things I enjoy

A man in a beanie hat plays a brown acoustic piano.
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Beyond being a place to meet up with people from the same section of the LGTBQ+ community, the majority of suggestions were around specific interests, whether that was as an observer or something more involving like a class.

Almost any live music, art exhibitions/demonstrations, dance classes/dancing, crafts.

Poetry/spoken word night, cookery classes, writing classes.

Events likely to attract / of particular interest to women.

Music events, quiz nights, literature clubs and history talks were mentioned by lots of you. Though one person at least was not so keen on our suggestion of a folk evening!

Live music (but not folk!)

Culture with T.L.C.

Pan fried salmon on a bed of herby cous-cous.
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In summary, respondents to the survey so far want The Ledward Centre to be a safe space that is inviting to every member of the rainbow – and actively celebrates and promotes the city’s rich LGBTQ+ culture.

I think this response sums it up perfectly.

Make it a venue for LGBT culture and art. Vibrant and creative as well as supporting the community.

For more feedback from our community survey, please swing by again soon. And if you haven’t yet added your voice, please do so now in the link below.

The Ledward Centre Community Consultation Survey

Take part in the community consultation

We’d love to hear what you want from your Ledward Centre. Our Community Consultation Survey takes about 15 minutes to fully complete, though partially completed forms are valuable too!

Please feel free to contact your friends with details of the survey so that everyone has the opportunity to give their views.

For people who can’t complete the digital survey, you can download a printable copy of the survey for them to fill out and return by mail to Freepost GSCENE.