Three surveys, 120 decibels, and two Zooms…

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This has been an exciting week as we conducted a number of important surveys in preparation to take over the Jubilee Street site and conducted a Zoom briefing and consultation with our impressive volunteers. There is huge talent in the team of volunteers and much determination to make the Ledward Centre a great success.

The camera shakes to two loudspeakers in the middle of a large, bright green room.
Generating 120 decibels of noise to test acoustics

On Monday we had a specialist survey by acoustic engineers. It really is important for us to be good neighbours with the library next door and with the residents and businesses who occupy the buildings opposite. We want to make sure that we build adequate noise insulation into the Ledward Centre to prevent noise nuisance to others. We have already developed a good personal relationship with the Library team. We also needed to find the best solution for the acoustic booth in which the radio studio will reside.

I also conducted a COVID 19 survey. We are determined to ensure that all volunteers and our service users have the best possible protection built into the centre at the design stage. We are also planning on making the centre future-proof and adaptable as a space so that we are resilient to changes in social distancing rules in future epidemics and can continue to provide the services the community needs.

On Thursday the initial fire survey was conducted which indicated that we are in a very good position to obtain certification as a venue for significant numbers with minimal expenditure.

A Zoom meeting was held yesterday with our architect in order to clarify the brief for the redevelopment as we respond to the needs of our community identified in the surveys being returned.